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Tweejarige MBO 4opleidingen


Financiële Dienstverlening FD

Junior Assistent-Accountant MBO4

Bedrijfsadministrateur MBO4

Klantmedewerker Bancair en

Verzekeringen MBO4


Commerciële Economie CE

Junior Accountmanager MBO4


International Business IB

Assistant Manager IB MBO4

Assistant Manager IB BTEC MBO4


Marketing Media MM

Marketing Medewerker MBO4

Online Marketeer MBO4


Secretariële Dienstverlening SD

Directiesecretaresse MBO4

Management Assistant MBO4


Personeelszaken PZ

Human Resource Medewerker MBO4

Salarisadministrateur MBO4

Intercedent Uitzendbureau MBO4


Juridische Dienstverlening JD

Juridisch Medewerker MBO4


Vastgoed Management VM

Assistent-Makelaar Wonen MBO4


Enjarige MBO opleidingen 

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International Business IB
Assistant Manager IB
Two years fulltime MBO4 / BTEC

International Business Kronenburgh MEAO CollegeIn a range of business roles students can find employment in (international) enterprise's as an assistant manager. The assistant manager international business works in all branches of international trade: wholesale, production companies and services. He works as an internal and / or external sales employee. He has great adaptability, is flexible and has the courage to move in an international context. He deals with different cultures and has sufficient language skills. In all cases, he is expected to be able to respond well to the situation at the customer and to adjust the service provision accordingly. He also knows how to deal with laws and regulations. He performs accurately to achieve his sales targets. He is entrepreneurial and creative to implement his commercial insights in import as well as export.

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Overall information
The Kronenburgh International Business program MBO4 / BTEC3 is a two-year, full-time program providing two diploma’s:
- The Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business; and
- The MBO4 International Business Diploma.

The program includes BTEC modules and MBO4 modules.

BTEC qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked. Pearson is the world's leading learning company.

With a track record built over 40 years of learner success, the BTEC International Level 3 qualifications are recognised internationally by governments, industry and higher education. BTEC International Level 3 qualifications allow learners to progress to the workplace – either directly or via study at a higher level. Over 100,000 BTEC learners apply to university every year.

Career-ready education
BTECs focus on the holistic development of the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills required to be successful in employment and higher education.  
The BTEC International Level 3 qualifications is developed working together with many employers, higher-education providers, colleges and schools. Employers are looking for recruits who have a thorough grounding in the latest industry requirements and work-ready skills, for example teamwork. Learners who progress to higher education need experience of research, extended writing and meeting deadlines. BTEC addresses these needs.

The BTEC International Level 3, is comparable to the Dutch MBO4.  

What makes this program so special?
- fast track MBO4 program;
- average groups of 15 students;
- Positive and ambitious colleague students;
- Good balance theory and practice: morning: colleges, afternoon: practicum;
- Homework supervision during practicum;
- teachers that also professionally work in practice;
- possibility to do your internship abroad;
- English spoken: the best preparation to access International University's and international working enterprise's.

The fulltime IB MBO4 / BTEC program:
First year:
- Dutch, Business English and Math.

- Office (Word, Excel en PowerPoint);
- Managing an Event, also including Effective Project Management (Mandatory 90 GLH);
- Investigating Retail Business (60 GLH);
- Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign  (Mandatory 90 GLH);
- Sales Techniques and Process, also including: Investing Consumer Services (60 GLH);
- Business Finance (Mandatory 90 GLH);
- Relationship Marketing (60 GLH);
- Principles of Management (Mandatory 60 GLH);

- Business Internship / Beroepspraktijkvorming BPV.

Second year:
- Dutch and English IELTS
(IELTS is often an admission requirement international Universities).

- Business Decision Making (Mandatory 120 GLH);
- Exploring Business, also including: Pitching for a New Business (Mandatory 90 GLH);
- International Business: also including Procurement, Logistics and Export Planning (GLH 60);
- Financial Statements for Specific Business, also including: International Law (60 GLH);
- Macro and Meso Economics
  Business Spanish;
- Cost and Management Accounting (60 GLH);
- Business Ethics, also including Business and Environmental Sustainability (60 GLH);
- Business Etiquette and Intercultural Business;

- Business Internship / Beroepspraktijkvorming BPV / Work Experience in Business (60 GLH).

For the Dutch system: de Keuzedelen zijn:
- Ondernemer MKB (K0165) en
- Havo Economie (K0843) of Spaans A2 (K0098) / Spaans B1 (K0099)
Introduction program: Monday August 31 2020 we make a start with the introduction program. We inform you about our education system and we go to the beach for some teambuilding activities like beach volley-ball and wave surfing.

Start: Tuesday September 1 2020.

Times: Monday until Friday from 9.00 until 16.20 hours.

College day: In the morning you participate the working colleges. In the afternoon you participate the practicum. During the practicum you will do all the 'homework' supported by the teacher.

The college year involves 5 periods of 5 college weeks, followed by a business internship of 14 weeks.

In the first year there is also a study trip planned before the business internship.

College schedule year 1
College schedule year 2

Location college building:
Gebouw Kronenburgh MEAO College
Lange Houtstraat 7 2511CV Den Haag
The Netherlands

 Admission requirements
The Kronenburgh International Business program MBO4 / BTEC3 is primarily designed for learners in the 16–19 age group, who want to progress to employment in a range of business roles. Progress could be either directly to employment in Level 3 roles, or via higher education business courses.

The admission requirements are:
- Dutch education system: 'vmbo gemengd of theoretische leerweg TL / mavo diploma'. Also with a transitional proof 'havo 3>4' you can access the program. Our education is at the level of ' havo 4-5'.
- International system: Students from international schools after 4 years of secondary education level 2 in the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong learning (EQF). Our education is at the level 4 EQF.

The Kronenburgh International Business Program MBO4 / BTEC3 results in two diplomas:
- diploma MBO4 International Business; and
- The Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business.


Recognised education by the Dutch Ministry of Education, crebonumer: 25133 Assistent Manager Internationale Groothandel (Dutch diploma for vocational learning internationally recognised EQF4). See also the Qualification document.

You will receive the MBO4 diploma if you have passed each course module, the Business Internship is sufficient, you have completed the Career & Citizenship assignments and you have passed the practical final exam.

The MBO4 program and the BTEC modules are developed by employers, higher-education providers, colleges and schools.

The Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business, is internationally recognised by many universities in England and abroad, explicitly mentioned as admission requirements.

The modules are assessed using a grading scale of Distinction (D), Merit (M), Pass (P) and Unclassified (U). All modules contribute proportionately (depending to the size of the module) to the overall qualification grade.
In order to be awarded a qualification, a learner must complete all modules (1080 GLH), achieve a Pass or above in all mandatory modules. 180 GLH only at U grade permitted from other (non mandatory) BTEC3 modules.

 Further education
Our MBO4 diploma BTEC3 diploma is accepted by UK and international universities, and higher education institutes for entry to relevant degree programmes.

Dutch system
: HBO Commerciële Economie, Small Business en Retail Management en Sales- en Accountmanagement, Management Economie en Recht (MER), International Business.

International system:
- Higher National Diploma in Business;
- BSc (Hons) in Business and Management;
- BA (Hons) in Business and Finance;
- BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) in Business Studies;
- BSc (Hons) in International Management;
- BSc (Hons) or BA (Hons) in Marketing;
- BSc (Hons) in Retail Management.

Learners should always check the entry requirements for degree programmes with specific higher education providers.

Kronenburgh is a private college, therefore there is nog governmental school funding.
year 1 year 2
College fee *) € 11.995,- € 11.995,-
pay in 10 instalments
€ 1.230,- € 1.230,-

*) includes: registration fee, introduction fee, travel and stay costs study trip

- Study materials:
year 1 € 775,- (2018-2019)
year 2 € 580,- (2018-2019)
See Studystore (Kronenburgh MBO) for the actual costs. It is possible that additional material costs may be charged.

- MBO 4 final practical exam: € 775,-

- You bring your own laptop. We work with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint (full software versions, so no free of limited versions)).

- you have a representative business suit.

See our digital education brochure (Dutch).
Order our Education brochure in print (Dutch).

See our digital education brochure (English).
Order our Education brochure in print (English).

If you have any questions:
- call: 0031703998806;
- mail info@meao-kronenburgh.nl;
- visit our weekly walk-in evening.

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The Kronenburgh International Business College

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